Singing Solo


  • Entry Fees : 200 Rs.
  • Team Composition : Individual
  • Additional Information : Participant must be a Jr. College or Sr. college student. Participant must have ID card of institute / college.

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  • There are two categories in the Singing Competition :
    a) Male Solo (Hindi) b) Female Solo (Hindi)
  • Elimination Round :
    Maximum time for Singing (including prelude) will be 1.5 minutes. Rap is NOT allowed.
  • A total of 10 participants shall be shortlisted for the finals (5 from ‘Male Solo’ category & 5 from ‘Female Solo’ category).
  • Final Round :
    There will be two rounds – Participant’s Choice Round and Judge’s Choice Round.
  • In the Judge’s Choice Round, the participant will be asked to sing any song based on a certain mood/emotion (romantic/patriotic/sensual/life philosophy etc.)
  • Participants will have to sing their songs on orchestra provided by the organiser.