War of the DJs


  • Entry Fees : 500 Rs.
  • Team Composition : Individual
  • Additional Information : 10 minutes per participant including Set up and Performance time

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  • Participation : Individual.
  • Each participant will be given 10 minutes for performance. ( 2 minutes setup + 8 minutes performance)
  • The organizers will provide the following : CDJ900 and DJM 700 Mixer, Player and speakers.
  • The participants should carry their own music collection in pen drive (*.MP3 OR *.WAV format). With last 20 seconds remaining, a signal to stop will be given and the performing participant should leave the stage keeping the last track playing. The next participant will take over the session by mixing the track.
  • The participants may use props during their performance but must ensure that their props and performance are decent.
  • Premixed music, dangerous or hazardous material is not allowed on the stage.