Film Making


  • Entry Fees : 200 Rs. per team
  • Team Composition : Min 2 cast member
  • Additional Information : Make a film max 5 minute length on a given theme.

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  • Team composition: Min 2 cast members (there is no limitation on number of cast members).
  • The teams will be required to prepare a short film of maximum 5 minutes on the given theme and genre. The same will be disclosed to the teams on 27th January 2024.
  • The teams will have to use hashtags which will be communicated to them along with the theme.
  • The shorts have to be submitted by 31st January 2024 till 6 pm.
  • The shorts have to be uploaded on YouTube and the evaluation will be done on the basis of content of shorts as well as views, likes and comments.
  • The teams should not use any content which will hurt public sentiment. Teams using any such content shall be disqualified.