Tug of War – Men


  • Entry Fees : 500 Rs. per team
  • Team Composition : 8 members + 2 Extra
  • Additional Information : Only men’s tournament as per weight limitation per team. Only sports
    shoew will be allowed. Spikes are not allowed.

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  • Team Composition : Max 8 members (2 Extra member within the same weight category)
  • Team Weight : 560 Kg Max. ( Only Boys team)
  • All the teams have to bring their own kits (T-shirt, lowers, sport shoes, etc.).
  • Each match will consist of maximum 3 rounds (if required).
  • Winner of the match will be declared on ‘Best of 3’ basis.
  • Weighing of players will be done before the match.
  • Extra players can be only used when a team member is injured.
  • Sport shoes are compulsory (spikes, studs, heeled shoes are not allowed).
  • The players of a team cannot be changed in subsequent matches.
  • Organizers will not be responsible for any injuries that may occur during the match.
  • If a team does not report on time, walkover will be given to the other team.
  • Referee’s decision will be the final decision.